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South Dakota

Thursday September 27

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We took a look at Falls Park in Sioux Falls. Very nice falls with lots of red rock, some of it water worn and rounded, and some of it chunked off at right angles.

We drove almost all the way across South Dakota in a straight line from Sioux Falls to Rapid City. It had been feeling less and less urbanized over the days, but now we were really in a low population density area. There were no buildings to be seen most of the time. Lots of billboards, but no buildings.

In South Dakota the speed limit is 75mph. Very grateful for that.

Up until the Missouri river we saw corn fields and sunflower fields mixed in with with cow pastures, but after crossing the Missouri it was all cow country.

Then we drove through the Badlands and that was a completely different place.

We stayed the night in Rapid City. There's a wonderful illustrated children's book called Dinotopia (highly recommended, even for people who aren't children) that features many wonderful places including a city in the middle of a river right above a waterfall. There's rushing water everywhere around and through the city, with rapids on every side and a great waterfall below. We seem to remember it was called Rapid City.

Well folks, Rapid City South Dakota doesn't look like that. It looks more like a place to park as many hotels and motels as possible for people going to Mount Rushmore. Not a rapid in sight (though admittedly we didn't look very hard).

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Wednesday September 26


We expected Iowa to be completely flat, but instead we drove through gently rolling hills covered in corn fields and dotted with farms. The landscape didn't change at all as we drove all the way across the state from East to West on I-80, but it was very pleasant, probably because most of the time you couldn't see very far down the road.



Iowa rest stops have wifi.

We stopped for lunch at the Coach's Corner in Stuart where Duncan had the state specialty, a tenderloin sandwich.

We made a right turn and went North on I-29 shortly before hitting Omaha. Now it got really flat and straight, right into South Dakota.

We stopped for the night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Sioux Falls is really spread out, with immensely wide avenues and streets. Lots and lots of space.

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Tuesday September 25

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We drove diagonally across Indiana and Illinois from Cincinnati (Ohio) to Davenport (Iowa). The landscape was gently undulating plains, less and less urbanized as we went further West.

The 70 mph speed limit is much nicer than the 55 or 65 we're used to.








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Not sure we can keep this blog going

Between bad internet connections and end-of-day fatigue, we're not sure we'll be able to keep this blog going. But we're alive and well and driving like madpersons across this immense country.

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Taking it easy in Cincinnati

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Our friend Celeste had taken Monday off in our honor, so we spent the day with her and her daughter Bekah and their dogs Le-le and Bindi in total idleness.


Except that Celeste drove her riding mower and mowed the lawn.

For dinner we went to Skyline Chili and got some of that Cincinnati chili for carry-out.

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